Frequently Asked Questions

I am totally clueless about speculative fiction. Can I still sign up for your courses?

No one is “totally clueless about speculative fiction”. Most of us have watched numerous movies and TV series, have read comics or played video games – even if we’re not voracious readers. Nevertheless, Cycle I has no literary or creative writing entry requirements.

What does your schedule look like?

Groups are fairly small, which means the students and instructor discuss the day and time most convenient for everyone involved. Usually, both seminars and workshops take place in the afternoon.

I’m a published writer. Do I still have to start with Cycle I?

Yes. Tales of the Wyrd provide you with tools and concise theory that, to our knowledge, are not available elsewhere. Several published, award-winning writers have gone through Cycle I of our courses, as well as people with MAs in creative writing; they all confirm they benefited from it. Furthermore, the knowledge you will acquire during Cycle I is fundamental for dealing with the more intense, workshop-style courses.

I’m not sure I’m writing speculative fiction.

If you’re asking about it, there’s a good chance you are! Speculative doesn’t equal fantasy, horror and science fiction. There are subgenres like magic realism, weird, and urban fantasy, that are also speculative despite not focusing on swords, haunted houses or laser guns. We make sure not to neglect any of those during our seminars.

Why does everyone go straight to the basement with the lights off as soon as they hear a curious sound? Why do white-bearded mentors never tell you from the get go what the mission really is? How many laser guns do a good space battle make?

Everything will be explained during the courses.

How much time do I need to invest?

For Cycle I, all you have to do is participate in eight two-hour long seminars. We do give you homework which you can complete at your own pace and turn in whenever you wish (though we do encourage you to take advantage and submit your work every week!). Cycles following the first are structured in a workshop-style fashion, which means that are more demanding in terms of writing – but that is the point!

I feel uncomfortable showing my work/I’m stuck with my manuscript/I lack inspiration.

We know. Sign up for the courses, and we’ll get through it together.

I have a piece I’d like you to translate. Do you know where I can submit it afterwards?

Yes. Researching suitable markets is part of our translation services. More than that, however, we show you how to look for and find opportunities for publication yourself!

You mean I can actually publish my work and get paid for it?

We did, and so did many writers we’ve done translations for.

Do you also do publications?

We’re not a publishing house, but we have a great network of collaborators – take a look at this anthology of our students’ short stories – and we know the market.

I usually write plays/screenplays/standup comedy/comics/lists of my enemies’ names.

Fantastic. Despite the fact that we focus solely on prose fiction, if what you do includes words, you will still benefit from our courses, as our past experience with students from a variety of disciplines has proven.

How do I contact you to get started?

You may find our information here.