RPG Seminars

Whether you’ve been roleplaying for years or you’re just starting, our two-day seminar offers you a number of tools, solutions and ideas to create, improve and make your campaign rock – or deliver a series of phenomenal one-shots!


The seminar takes place within a two-day span, is divided into four sections and includes, among others:

  • How to prepare for the Narrator’s role as best we can (choosing the game, Session 0, communication, notes, preparation).
  • First session, four campaign types, dealing with plot & metaplot.
  • How to handle description, NPCs, combat, flow, setting up clues, pre-constructed adventures, atmosphere, players’ backgrounds etc.
  • How to handle trouble (tension, unexpected occurrences, burnout, fluctuation of engagement, changes in rules etc.).
  • How to handle problem players, imbalance in the group, and what mistakes and pitfalls we can avoid while narrating.
  • Presentation of new and diverse RPGs for an original experience.